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Ecom 2019 – Advanced (2 tickets)

Full day of advanced Amazon training (Friday).

Two days of relentless content, networking, parties, and amazing food in Los Angeles with hundreds of fellow warriors (Saturday-Sunday).

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Although I am confident my coaching program can help any serious person be successful, I make no guarantees as to what income level you will reach. Not only would it be illegal for me to do so, it would be irresponsible, as I cannot force you to implement what you learn. And I especially cannot guarantee that you will even participate. It is completely up to you.

If you are desperate and considering using the last remaining money you have in your bank, I DO NOT want your money. I prefer to work with folks who are financially stable, have a job, etc. If you are looking for a magic wand or anything like that, this is not for you. This is about creating a real, sustainable business for you, and there will be some expense and time required.